The Association of January Twelfth: A new voice in the Norwegian debate on asylum

A group of human rights activists from across Norway have founded a new popular movement.

January Twelfth’s purpose is to contribute to public attention and debate surrounding Norway’s asylum- and immigration policies, as well as ro work for the humane,  just and , inclusive treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in accordance with international conventions and the intentions of the asylum institute.

The Association will act as a counterweight to the information provided by the immigration authorities, as we are of the opinion that it is increasingly producing political rhetoric which purpose is not to inform but rather to increase acceptance for an asylum policy that appears more merciless and not in accordance with Norway’s reputation as a poineering human rights nation.

January Twelfth took it’s name from the date on which the paperless migrant Maria Amelie was arrested for deportation in 2011 just after she had jeld an address at the Nansen School in Lillehammer after being awarded the title «Norwegian Of The Year». Her arrest and deportation to Russia inspired huge popular debate, and was the direct cause of the founding of our movement.


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