• “One Hundred Ways of Putting Pressure”, 24. mars 2010
    Violations of Freedom of Expression and Association in Ethiopia

    This 59-page report documents the myriad ways in which the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has systematically punished opposition supporters. Since the 2005 polls, the party has used its near-total control of local and district administrations to undermine opponents’ livelihoods through withholding services such as agricultural inputs, micro-credit, and job opportunities. The report also documents how recently enacted laws severely restrict the activities of civil society and the media.


  • «We are ordered to crush you», 28. feb 2012
    Increasing violations of human rights in Iran

    “His interrogator told him: ‘We are ordered to crush you, and if you do not co-operate we can do anything we want with you and if you do not write the interrogation papers, we will force you to eat them’”.